• Paralie Marquena

    Hi!  You may be reading this because you miss R.W., or because you are innundating yourself with anything/everything Mrs. Doubtfire.  

    Ever wanted to find out someone's ideas for another film?  Aspects to be present/themes?  


    Let's assume that CGI professionals, amongst others, have volunteered to make a perfect CGI of Robin and voice professionals have managed to duplicate his voice to say anything they wish.  And, hence, while creepy to likely many, we have a Mrs. Doubtfire 2!  With magic of makeup/CGI, we make people look young when applicable.  (Natalie is recast with a uncanny lookalike)

    Some ideas, each separate from the other...oh, and you should know that I'm a big, humongous sap, although not always.  Moving on:

    1. Miranda watches…
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