Mrs. Doubtfire was the main character in the film. She was portrayed by Robin Williams who also played Daniel Hillard.

Mrs. Doubtfire was ultimately Daniel Hilliard, but she represented many things to groups of people.

Brother Edit

To his brother – and his partner – he was always Daniel Hilliard, but dressing as Mrs. Doubtfire. Hence, Mrs. Doubtfire was never truly a character to him.

Miranda Edit

When he first came back home as Mrs. Doubtfire, she did not know that it was Daniel underneath realistic prosthetics. To her, Mrs. Doubtfire was real. When Daniel's mask came off after giving Stu the Heimlich, Mrs. Doubtfire did not fully exist. However, it was hard to put it out of her mind that Mrs. Doubtfire was not real, as is demonstrated when she talks with her children in the kitchen. When she sees Daniel dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire on the television, Mrs. Doubtfire exists as a television character.

Older children Edit

Like their mother, Mrs. Doubtfire was a real person to them. When Chris saw his father standing up to urinate, Mrs. Doubtfire became a transsexual stranger to him and Lydia, but not for long, and within minutes, Mrs. Doubtfire was not a person, but their father was simply dressing up as Mrs. Doubtfire. It is unsure if after the restaurant, in the kitchen, they are confused again or simply want to imagine Mrs. Doubtfire was real or are posturing for their mother. By the end of the film, their father makes Mrs. Doubtfire exist for them by portraying her on television for millions.

Natalie Edit

Like everyone else in the family, she considers Mrs. Doubtfire to be real in the beginning. Only after the fiasco in the restaurant does she know Mrs. Doubtfire is not real. It is unknown if in the conversation in the kitchen if she still knows this or if she is referring to "she" as her dad dressed and acting as the woman. By the end, it is likely, as is with the others, that she knows Mrs. Doubtfire exists as a character on television.